My Journey x Self Re-Branding

alisha I pretty much created this blog as an outlet, to me the best way to get something out is to write it down. For years I have kept a journal, documenting thoughts, struggles, life and love. Since deciding to take the leap into entrepreneurship I figured what I'm going through may be what someone is going through or may have already experienced, so why not share my journey with the world. Someone I admire also said that "Your personal brand is just as important as any brand that you create" so that's where the personal re-branding comes into play. This is me, Alisha Nicole Byrd, stepping ALL THE WAY out of my comfort zone, this is my journey and a peek into this crazy creative mind of mine. Now mind you, I have a lot of personality to share..some post may be inspirational some may not. Most posts will probably be extra random (styles I love, interior design, people I admire, diy,business tips, so-on and so-on). But what I promise what I wont do is be "fake deep". Nothing irritates me more. Some things cant be forced and some days I have absolutely nothing to say. But what it will be is INTERESTING, I can guarantee you that. I'm all about connecting with people so if there's anything you would like to say or something you would like for me to share on here feel free to shoot me an email TheAlishaNicole[at] Enjoy the ride!