the 90 day blueprint


you've built the brand but no matter how hard you work you're still confused as to why you're not making a bigger impact...and income.

I get it, you want more. You're tired of searching the internet for hours looking for the answers to your biggest business questions, only to find advice that isn't related to your specific issue. You're constantly overwhelmed and feel as though you have great ideas with the drive to back it up but you still feel like you're barely getting by.

Or worse, you feel as though you're voiceless and drowning in a crowded industry. Maybe you're just getting started and would like a step-by-step plan on how to turn what you love into a profitable business or maybe you already have an established brand but you're not seeing your desired results.


the 90-day blueprint is a 3 month one-on-one coaching program that guides creatives through reviving their brand, making a bigger impact on their audience and launching a profitable service or digital product.


  • Walk with your head high and confidently tell the world what you do and who you help
  • Never have to worry about second guessing your content because you'll know your audience and their needs better than you know yourself
  • Be able to create content that educates, sells and leaves your audience hooked and wanting more
  • Let go of those anxious feelings and fears and walk through your next launch like a boss
  • Have clarity on how to continuously grow your audience and email list
  • Understand how to stand out and be seen as an expert in your industry

1:1 coaching with Alisha is amazing! Alisha is the business coach who is down to earth, knows her stuff, and you will walk away saying “this girl gets me!” Our sessions were always focused and result-driven. Alisha’s coaching is so professional and valuable from her personal touches she provides with her welcome package and personalized client page to the actionable worksheets that follow every sessions. Alisha takes the overwhelming concepts of branding and breaks them down into easy to digest methods with strategic plans to implement in your business. She has a heart to see you thrive in your business and Alisha goes above and beyond to help you. Blessed to have invested in coaching with Alisha as she has given me much clarity and guidance to move forward in my business.
— Chamel of



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here's what happens next...

  • You click the big button and enter in your contact information
  • Look out for the order confirmation in your inbox
  • Schedule your first session either from the order confirmation page or your confirmation email
  • Complete the client questionnaire & sign the client agreement
  • Confirm your time for our first session
  • You'll receive an email shortly afterwards with your session confirmation from Acuity
  • Within 48hrs I'll send over you Client Welcome Kit & a little thank you gift from me!
  • Six 60-minute bi-weekly coaching sessions
  • Private online client portal to submit homework & to pick my brain during our time together
  • LIfetime access to all of our session recordings
  • The Pocket Content Planner & Ultimate Monthly Business Planner (mailed to your door)
  • The Social Strategy ebook
  • A client only discount on all of my future courses & workshops a new client you'll receive...   

here's what we'll cover


We will get clear on what is currently holding you back & set actionable goals for our time together


We will brainstorm and lay out your editorial calendar for the next 90 days and chat about how you can use storytelling to build trust within your community & stand out in your industry.


We create a strategy of where your brand should be showing up and how to use your purpose & content to serve your audience


Strategize the different content upgrades you can create to consistently build your email list on autopilot and outline and create your main opt-in freebie


We'll craft your unique story and powerful brand message. We'll also make sure that your visual brand compliments your message & who you want to attract


We will brainstorm and outline your next product or service to launch and plan out your complete launch strategy



Or click here to pay with a payment plan. Not sure if we will be a good fit together? Book your free Quick Clarity Session!



  • You're ready to make the financial & time commitment needed to implement everything you learn.
  • You're feeling overwhelmed by all of the "shoulds" and "must-do's" of the internet
  • You're tired of playing small or being unheard and you're ready to make a big change to begin seeing real results
  • You're tired of launching products or services just to hear nothing but crickets
  • You want to bring in a consistent income and learn how to sell in a way that feels good to you
  • You desperately want a step-by-step process and a no nonsense accountability partner who understands your journey


  • You believe that coaching is a "quick fix" to all of your business problems
  • You are brand new to entrepreneurship with no established brand
  • You view coaching as another expense instead of a real investment in your business
  • You're not willing to set aside the necessary time and effort to implement all of the strategies and advice
  • You're wanting to start a business just because it's the "popular" thing to do


I'm your new coach, alisha! Over the past few years I have helped dozens of creative women just like you:

  • Gain clarity
  • Launch profitable services and products
  • And position themselves as an authority in their industry

I'm here to make sure you have a clear understanding of how you can turn your purpose or passion into a clear and profitable business model and create a solid plan of action for you to begin bringing in a consistent income. Most importantly, i'm here to make sure you are not going at this alone. I'm your coach, mentor, accountability partner and personal kick in the butt when you need it most.

Alisha was very easy to talk to and listened very well which allowed her to come up with plans that were good for my business specifically. She was also very flexible as I am working a full time position and working on my side “niche”. She remembered all of our conversations and was able to pick right up where we left. She also followed up with notes and to ensure that I understood her guidance. I really appreciate how she coached me and put me on the right path. I now have my direction for my business.
— LeShanda of



Or click here to pay with a payment plan. Not sure if we will be a good fit together? Book your free Quick Clarity Session!


Working with Alisha was the best decision that I made for my brand. She helped me clarify my target audience and establish my mission, create a plan of action which simplified my planning for 2017. With her help, I am no longer overwhelmed or anxious over creating good content that my audience can both identify with and benefit from. She helped me establish a brand that authentically represents me. She is a clarity coach indeed!
— Latoya of
Without Alisha, I definitely would still feel like a caged hamster—spinning my wheels, but going nowhere! As a newbie, it really helped having Alisha to walk me through the best way to set up my coaching package and market my products and services. I will forever be grateful for the clarity I now have. Thank you!
— JaQuette of

"successful people are not gifted; they just work hard, then succeed on purpose."

take the leap into building a better, profitable business...



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