start bringing in a consistent income without feeling like all you do is!



“But Alisha, how will I make money if I’m not constantly working?”

Trust me, I get it. The online world constantly makes you feel like you should always be “hustlin” for your next big check. While hard work is absolutely necessary, too much of the “hustlers mentality” will leave you burned out, frustrated and ready to call it quits.


  • You feel trapped in the constant rotation of launching a product every single month
  • You’re afraid that if you stop trying to scout out your next paying client you won’t be able to stay afloat
  • You’re constantly anxious because you’re unsure of how much you will bring in the next month or if it will be enough
  • You constantly feel like you’re overworking yourself with no end in sight

All you want is to take back control of your business and your money

enter, passive income...


make money in your sleep with a printed product..wait, what??

Yes, don’t adjust your screen, you read that correctly! In this class, you'll learn how to bring in consistent income through creating a printed product like a workbook, book, planner or maybe even a journal using my favorite service Createspace.

Within 30-days, you’ll be able to launch a new physical product to sell on Amazon without ever having to worry about shipping, inventory, production or customer service. Sounds like a dream right?

So why a PRINTED product and not an ecourse or ebook? The goal here is to help you to step out of the digital box and create something that may be unexpected in your industry.

While everyone is wrapped around creating digital products, you can carve out your space as the person who wraps up her e-course in printed form, or that health guru who creates beautiful meal planners or that mom boss who creates the ultimate guide for handling your home and business. Plus, there is no greater feeling than being able to hold something you've created!


this class is for you if:

  • You’re ready to gain more freedom back into your business
  • You’re ready to bring in a consistent income into your business
  • You’re tired of constantly launching and hunting down new clients
  • You want a little more financial security

i'm your teacher, alisha.

Just so you know that I’m not joking when I say that creating passive income can actually save your business. The passive income that I create through my physical products makes up for about 25-30% of my monthly income.

Which is enough for me to cut back on the amount of clients I take on each month and also provides me with more time focus on other aspects of my business and take a REAL break every once in awhile.

I want to show you my exact process because the last thing I want you to experience is the anxiety around where your next paying client is going to come from.

here's what you'll learn...

Lesson One: How To Come Up With Your Big Profitable Idea

Lesson Two: How To Effortlessly Outline Your Product

Lesson Three: How To Price Your Product

Lesson Four: Create Your Product Interior Using Adobe InDesign

You will need these programs with this class! No worries if you dont already have them, you can download the free 30-day trial before we get started!

Lesson Five: How To Create Your Product Cover Using Adobe Photoshop

Lesson Six: How To Create Your Pre and Post-Launch Strategy

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You'll immediately receive access to 6 video lessons,Full video walk through of Adobe InDesign & Photoshop, worksheets to use with the lessons, lifetime access to the class plus any future updates.

REMINDER: Adobe InDesign & Photoshop are both needed to get the most out of this class. You can download a free 30day trial HERE (I suggest not downloading the trial until you get to the needed lesson)