A Quick Exercise To Help You Figure Out What Type Of Business To Start

As a creative-preneur we tend to have a billion different ideas swirling around in our heads at all times. And we often add to that long list, weekly if not daily! I'll just go ahead and assume that since you are here, you're probably wildly interested in taking the leap of faith into entrepreneurship. And considering the fact that you are probably filled with amazing ideas, you probably are struggling with figuring out exactly what type of business you should start.

I have no doubt in my mind that your ideas are priceless but trust me when I say that all your ideas will not be worth turning into a business. So how in the hell do you figure out which one is worth pursing further? Today I wanted to share a quick exercise that has helped me narrow down my ideas and has guided me to starting both my creative coaching services and my online shop.


Take out a sheet of paper & a pen. Go somewhere where you won't be distracted and set a timer for 15 minutes. Now, write down every single business or product idea that you have ever thought twice about (both big & small).


Once your 15 minutes are up, read back through your list & circle which ideas you think you may be passionate about. Being passionate about something ultimately means you could see yourself doing this for the rest of your life & you also probably have some sort of emotional connection to it as well. You'll know you're passionate when every time you think abut this idea and where you could possibly take it, you get that butterfly feeling in your stomach. For me, I wake up everyday excited to help creative women take charge & turn their passion into a profitable business. Because I am so passionate about doing this, I can literally see myself in this career until my body no longer allows it.

Do you still have more than one thing circled on your list? No worries, go on to the next step. If not, congratulations, you officially have your new business idea! Feel free to snag this FREEBIE to get you started!


Now that you've narrowed down your list, which one of these would you do for the rest of your life EVEN IF you weren't getting paid for it? We can be multi-passionate about a ton of different things but eliminating the money factor can be a deal breaker. You may not make a ton of money in the early stages of your business but that burning passion is whats going to keep you motivated through the hard times. 

Which ever idea hasn't been crossed off? This my friend is the brilliant idea that's worth pursuing further!  

As you can see this little exercise is based solely around PASSION. A great business can not be built if it is not based on genuine passion. Although it will take a lot of hard work and dedication as well in order to "make it", passion is whats going to get you up in the morning and get you through the rough times.


P.S If you're a blogger struggling to figure out your niche, this exercise will definitely help you figure that out as well!