For some reason Sunday felt like Saturday so of course today feels like Sunday which means I may or may not be struggling! Anyways, I hope you all had a great weekend! I have about a bi-jillion things to get done this week so lets hop to it.


1. Start packing. Im not even close to being finished (I have a lot more crap than I thought) but I did get rid of old clothes and packed away some stuff.

2. Do Taxes. Yea I STARTED this too =/

3. Finish up Business Binder. DONE! And Im so happy about all of the love it has received! You can read more about it HERE.


1. Prepare for March Group Session. If you missed it last month, I introduced my new GROUP business coaching sessions! Twice a month I'll hop on Google chat with four of you to discuss a specific business and/or blogging topic. February's sessions were Q&A style but for March I really want it to be a class setting on a subject that is very near and dear to my heart, Building An Online Store! These group sessions are a great alternative to my one-on-one coaching sessions and a great way for you to meet and network with other bloggers and business owners!

2. Finish Packing. So bittersweet yet so exciting! I don't move officially until the 7th but I would love to finish up this weekend so I wont have to rush!

3. Post at least twice on the Early August blog. Over the weekend I thought of a few blog posts for Early August so I'm going to do my best to get them up this week!

4. Catch up on emails. I'm so behind :( So if you've emailed me but haven't heard back yet I PROMISE you will this week!


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