6 Ways To Stay Sane When Life Is A Mess

Last week was a hard one for me. Not only was my schedule bat-sh*t-cray but it seemed like everything that could possibly go wrong happened. And it ALMOST pushed me to the edge...almost. But I quickly realized that not every week will have you wanting to pull your hair out and there are few things you can do to make these rough weeks a little easier.

1. Take a break to meditate/pray/say affirmations. Taking 10 minutes to just stop, take a deep breath and reconnect is an amazing way to loosen up during the rough times.I keep my daily affirmations with me at all times as a simple reminder of whats really important and I cant begin to tell you how many chats I've had with God on a daily basis! I almost always feel like a weight has been lifted off of my shoulders afterwards.

2. Write in a gratitude journal. One of the best ways to ignore your problems is to remember what all you have to be thankful for. Even something as simple as you waking up that morning is worth reflecting on. After a long day try writing about at least one thing that wen't right.

3. Treat Yourself. Take yourself out to a good meal, a fresh mani/pedi or if you're like me a trip to Target. Sometimes its completely ok to be a little selfish.

4. Say 'no". If you're already stressed out the last thing you want to do is add on more responsibilities. Say "no" to things that will only put you into a deeper rut.

5. Do something that will make you laugh. Genuine laughter can cure anything even if its only for a moment. Watch your favorite show or hang out with people who you know will show you a good time. (My go-to  is always Family Guy!)

6. Know that "trouble dont last always". Yes some days will suck and you may feel like you cant keep going but just remember those days wont last forever. And one day you will wake up with the biggest smile on your face and not even be able to remember what had you all stressed out in the first place.

How Do You Stay Sane With Life Is A Mess?

Alisha Byrdinspiration