I have been asked a lot of questions the past few weeks about why I was making the switch from my beloved WordPress and BigCartel, so I figured i'd share all of the reasons why I fell in love with this platform! My original intentions was to create a total separate site (and business) dedicated just to my consulting services but after I seen what all SquareSpace could do, I decided to transfer my entire life (yes my life: blog & shop) over.  The transfer was a lot easier than expected and although I did run into a few hickups over the weekend, SquareSpace's amazing customer service team was right there to answer all of my 3849585 questions.

But here's why I made the change.


I pay about $25 every month for my blog (Wordpress), shop (BigCartel) and passionfruit. Not bad at all but I needed more product space in the shop (BigCartel charges $19 to host 100 products) so that would have taken me up another $10. I was also in the process of creating another site for my consulting services which would have been another $6 per month if I would have used Wordrpress.

Do the math, that's $41 a month (sorry I hate math too ya'll) But with SquareSpace I only pay $30 a month and I have unlimited everything. I can sell all of my products + my consultation services for one price. 


With Wordpress, unless you're fancy with code then customizing your own blog is tough (of course you could hire someone)  With SquareSpace a child could literally set up a website and design it within a day. They have several templates you can choose from that can be easily customized without even touching a bit of code. Seriously ya'll, its like all drag and drop type stuff.


I have a lot of questions, like all the time. SquareSpace's customer service is the best I have experienced with a company in an extremely long time! I emailed them over the weekend about a couple things I couldn't figure out about my sites design and within 30 minutes they were emailing me back with a solution!


Ya'll dealing with multiple websites and making sure they all connect with each other got overwhelming. So having everything that I do all under one domain name is amazing!

This post is def not sponsored by SquareSpace but I'm truly loving my experience so far! I know everything has its cons but so far so good

Do any of ya'll use SquareSpace? Would you ever switch your blog or business to a new platform?