Weekly Wishes #24

weekly-wishes-24How I looked all weekend

This weekend was definitely spent on my couch (like the entire weekend) brainstorming and  binge watching House on Netflix. But it was needed because this is going to be a great week (claiming it in advance!) Not only is my blog turning one on Friday but I will be working on a new project! I started offering different business consultation services through the blog a few months ago and have worked with a few amazing creatives with big ideas! Well while I have been helping others turn their passions into reality I discovered a new passion of my own. If you can't already tell through this blog, I absolutely LOVE helping people, especially people who are wanting to really take control of their lives and turn their passion into a career. Words can't express the "high" I get from talking with people about what they love and how they can build on it.

Anyways, I have officially decided to extend this blog a little more and start a new website that will be dedicated strictly to the services that I offer. I will offer several packages for small business owners and small business owners-to-be and will also include the business worksheets I have been working on as well. The name of the site will be "Early August" and I'll be sharing more about the brand and the meaning behind it later! At the moment I don't have an exact date when everything will be launched but it will definitely be completed next month!

I was going to wait to reveal all of this to you guys (I still have such a hard time talking about new projects to people) but my goals for the next few weeks will be mainly surrounded by all of this! I'm excited yet extremely nervous but I honestly feel like I was meant to go through so much starting my business so that I could help guide others. (everything happens for a reason, ya know?)

Without further ado lets get into the goals.


1. Work on newsletter. I didn't get it sent out yesterday like I had hoped to but I do have a layout and possible content in mind!

2. Work on business worksheets. I did but ya'll I had no clue how hard this process would be. I wan't it to be perfect and easy for people who don't know a damn thing about branding or marketing  to understand.

3. Comment on and find some new blogs. I commented a lot but didn't really take a moment to find any new ones. Who are some of your favorite bloggers?

4. Shop expansion. So yeah I didn't do the research like I wanted but I do have a pretty good idea of the things I'll wan't to begin selling.


1. Finish "If You Have To Cry, Go Outside". I didn't think I would get into this book as much as I have but I just LOVE how Kelly Cutrone is so raw! I'll be doing a "My Favorite Quotes From Kelly Cutrone" post soon!

2. Fold clothes. I washed probably every single item of clothing that I own this weekend and now they are just sitting in a basket chilling. I vow to not live out of my hamper this week and put my clothes in there respective areas.

3. Send out first newsletter! It would go out Sunday morning..hopefully!

4. Work on business worksheets. This will be on my little list until the day my new site goes live. Just bare with me folks.

5. Work at an actual table or outside of the house. Because I haven't found the perfect desk (read: I'm also too cheap for the ones I have liked) my couch is my go to spot to work during the day. I started working at my dining room table last week and surprisingly got a lot done! So this week I wan't to keep it up or head to B&N.

What are your goals for this week?

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P.S When my new project launches I will be cutting back on sponsorships a lot and also because this is my blog-iversary week enjoy 40% off of all my ad spots until Sunday! Just use promo code GETITGIRL