10 Daily Reads For Amazing Career Girls

You know those websites that you HAVE to visit every other day if not EVERYDAY? Well besides from my favorite daily blogs that I stalk via BlogLovin', these are my favorite everyday reads! I'm a sucker for tips, especially business related tips. I'm also a sucker for anything that caters to career women and entrepreneurs. I ALSO love hearing about the lives of successful women. And these 10 sites cover all of that! 1. The Everygirl. My favorite question to ask in my sponsor Q&A is "If you could take over anyone's blog for a day, who's would it be?" Well if I had to answer my own question I would most definitely say The Everygirl. I admire everything about this site from their branding to the amazing community they have built to the fact that they feature so many successful lady business owners! I LOVE IT! Being featured on their site may or may not be on my business bucket list

2. Ladypreneur League. I literally just discovered this site a few days ago and have been hooked ever since. They feature so many female business owners from a wide variety of  fields, have amazing business based articles and even host events.10-daily-reads-for-career-girls

3. That Working Girl. I have been following Lindsay's blog since I first started this blog and I just love how she continues to come up with fresh new content all the time. She takes you inside the life of a PR pro, offers amazing career advice and features amazing small business owners. Psst I was featured once too!

4. Levo League. Any question that you have ever had about owning your own business or excelling in your career you will find it on this site! I'm serious the majority of my "business tips" Pinterest board is filled with their articles. They also host these online events calls "office hours" where they hold 30 minute online Q&A sessions with successful entrepreneurs.

5. Marie Forleo. Marie is the reason why I have put myself on a budget (so I can take her B School course next year with no worries) She is crazy successful and hilarious! Her motivating videos cover everything from discovering your passion to building your business. Oh and she has met Oprah!

6. Love Grows Design. I discovered Bethany's blog a few months ago and it quickly became an everyday must! Not only is she an amazing web and graphic designer but she is so business savvy!

7. YFS Magazine. Another great resource for daily business tips! Not to mention YFS stands for Young, fabulous and Self-employed. *two snaps*

8. Meg Biram. Meg is an amazing blogger and online shop owner but what I love most about her blog is her "Behind The Biz" and GSD (get shit done) features where she interviews amazing business owners and bloggers!

9. Under 30 CEO. Ok so this site isn't necessarily geared towards women BUT it has a lot of great advice for new business owners.

10. Shop The B Bar. The B Bar itself is a great resource for bloggers and entrepreneurs, its a list full of affordable e-books for anyone looking to grow or start their blog/business. But their blog, "The Well" is what I stalk daily!

What are your favorite daily reads??