My Current Thoughts On Valentines Day

I spent awhile thinking about what I wanted to write about for Valentines Day. I wasn't going to mention it at all but I figured pretending that the "holiday" didn't even exist would be real un-blogger like of here I am. First I thought about a "10 Signs You Are Probably Bitter This Valentines Day" post but didn't want to be all negative. And then I thought about creating a playlist for all of you luvahs to get lusty to but I opted out because I didn't wan't to be the cause of any unplanned pregnancies. So I finally just decided to share my honest opinion about this day of love.valentines_day I, Alisha..absolutely love Valentines Day. And although I am currently more single than a dollar bill and have never really experienced a REAL Valentines Day..I still love it. The romance, the candy, the overwhelming feeling of butterflies in your stomach..I LOVE IT ALL. Don't get me wrong, I am a firm believer that you should show your significant other love 365 days a year..I just enjoy the fact that its one day dedicated to day that really makes people think about how they can go out of their way to make sure their "boo" knows how much they care...its beautiful..sorry to be sickening but I am a huge hopeless romantic (blame 90s chick flicks).

I can't wait to experience that with someone I truly care about. And not just someone I settled for just to get a free meal and a heart shaped box of chocolates..I'm talking someone I am without a shadow of a doubt completely head over heels in love with (and someone who feels the same way back). Sick yet? Anyways, I just figure there is really no point in being sad if you don't have any plans..yes it would be amazing to be wined and dined tomorrow night but it also isn't the end of the world either. So I'm sending nothing but positive love vibes to all of you luvahs and hope that you have an amazing Valentines Day <3

**Oh and if you are currently wishing that everyone with a Valentine gets knocked up tomorrow, then you are probably bitter. And if you just so happen to be looking for the right song to set the "mood" then I suggest Janelle Monae & Miguels "Primetime"..thank me later ;)

Helene in Between