Wearing Several Hats

#HappyMondayBoo Today actually feels like a Monday so I'm just going to ramble a bit in this white box. So over the weekend I got to thinking about this really expensive piece of paper that I own (a.k.a my degree). I wen't to school for Mass Communications in hopes of getting a fab job in Public Relations (which never happened, but I'm not complaining). Anyways, I was thinking since I paid almost $40k for this fancy piece of tree, what could I possibly do with it now?

Then the little light bulb wen't off in my head. I could start doing some PR work for myself. Not as in me taking on clients or anything, lets not get ahead of our selves. But doing some things that will benefit me. I mean I do have a business and this here blog. I actually feel really stupid for not thinking about this before (feel free to hit me with the Duhh, Alisha).


I've been doing the basics . Social media, email blasts, etc. But I could really kick it into high gear. And since my job search has been extremely dry, I'm trying to fill up any extra time that I may have. So I'm breaking out my old portfolio and a few text books in hopes to build on the awesomeness that is already me. Officially putting my 3rd hat on.

PS: Somebody remind me on Friday to do something interesting with my weekend so I can have a good story to tell on Monday. K?


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