Nobody Said It Would Be Easy...

...BUT IT WILL BE WORTH IT. nobodysaid

July has been slow, like extremely slow for my business. Last month was good and the month before that. Then this month I feel like I'm just sitting here  just waiting on something to spectacular to happen. For a moment I really let it get to me. Even to the point where I ALMOST considered going back to work for someone else. As positive as I like to stay,when it comes to something I love my brain takes worrying to the extreme and I have to remind myself that IT WILL BE OK. Thanks to a friend for reminding me that ALL businesses have these moments and that it will pass, I feel 100% better now. So I'm taking this time to catch up on things that I normally wouldn't have a chance to do and plan out what I can do next month that will make my business better. I mean you can't worry and have faith at the same time. And I choose faith so "minus-well" be productive. I debated on putting this up here, having everybody all in my business and emotions but when I started this blog I said that I wouldn't hold anything from my journey back. And I'm almost positive I'm not the only one who has gone through this.

If you are curious about what you could be doing during slow business months, check out this post from Tiffany Silverberg.

"Nobody Said It Would Be Easy, BUT It Will Be Worth It"