I'm Currently Obsessed

peach Taking it light today, weather and car (long story) permitting I'm breaking out of this joint . And by joint I mean the comforts of my couch. These are my current obsessions, feel free to judge.


The Outshine Fruit Bars by Edy's. Seriously, cold fruity crack in a box! Who knew about these and didn't tell me? The peach & mango? Lawd! I can literally go through a whole box within a day!


And I'm not ashamed to say it! Since my normal shows are off for the season I'm catching up on series that I've never watched before and I LOVE me some Glee. (I even join in on their performances from time to time =/) So Sad to here about the passing of Cory Monteith a.k.a Finn.


(Photo Credit Free People)

The Boho Style! Something about how the outfits just look so free and thrown together I love. One of my favorite blogs to go to for boho style inspiration is Forever Boho where she talks everything about Boho Fashion.

tansite Lastly, none other than MY site. I'm rolling up on my one month blog-iversary. I've become extremely obsessed with the design and thinking more about what content to have on the site.

What are you currently obsessed with?