What Makes A Great Service Offering?

When I first started coaching, if I can be real with you for a second, I had no clue what I was doing. The only business coaches I had found online were into helping large corporations and used big terms that I didn't even bother to Google. They were stuffy and nothing about their brand connected with what I wanted to do. So I attempted to create a service of my own that catered to the fun creatives that I adored working with. The only problem was, I had no clue what was actually supposed to go into a service offering let alone what would make people want to buy it. 

My first service was just a basic 60-minute session over Skype. There were no bells & whistles and not many details. And the poor description read, "Get one hour of coaching with me to get your biz in check". That's it.

Needless to say it took a lot of trial and error and time to figure out exactly what makes a great offer that your audience can't refuse. I've seen so many creatives make the same mistake of creating a service that lacked details, structure and purpose. Believe it or not, there is an art to crafting your service offer, no matter what industry you may be in. And as simple as an awesome sales page may look, there is a lot of thought and strategy that goes into putting your service together. (It took me nearly a week to get my service the way I wanted it). You not only want to create a service that is purposeful but you NEED to create a service that your audience will actually be willing to pay for!

Let's dig into some of the factors that make a great offering!


If you go back through any of my blog posts, workshops or pretty much anything I've ever created, then you know it is an absolute MUST to get clear on who you want to create for. More importantly, you need to get clear on their biggest pain points! The purpose of your service, again no matter the industry, is to help your client through an issue that they feel like they can not go at alone. This could mean designing their brand so that they don't have to feel the frustration of doing it themselves. It can be offering a dog walking service for busy pet owners who are unable to get home during the day. Or helping a client finally get their business off the ground!

Create a service that your audience actually needs and not what you THINK they may want. Figure out their issue and build your service around it.


Now that you understand their pain points, it's up to you to clearly explain the benefits of working with you! To be honest, clear benefits are what's really going to sell your package. What transformation will take place after your time together? How will they feel after working with you? Will they have a beautiful new brand that clearly portrays their personality and purpose? Will they have a clear understanding of the direction to take their business in? The dictionary states that a "benefit" is an advantage or profit gained from something. What advantage does your client get from working directly with you?


We chatted in a previous post before about setting client expectations. Well a major part of that is to tell your clients up front exactly what they will learn or receive from you. My coaching packages are built like a class curriculum (which I'll show you how to do during the Purpose To Service course!). My clients know up front before they even sign up exactly what we will go over and what they will learn during each of our sessions! This eliminates any confusion and makes your client a little more comfortable in making the investment. Let's say you offer a service that helps clients clean out their closest and build a new wardrobe. You'll list exactly what will take place during your sessions. Maybe that would include deciding which pieces are worth keeping and which to throw away, how to keep your closet organized and then how to purchase new pieces to fit your style.

Giving it to your audience straight is also a great way to influence purchases. The last thing you want is for a potential client to lose interest because they have to keep emailing you back and forth for more details.


Other than what they will learn and what transformation will take place, what features come with your service package? The features are also apart of the structure of your package. This could be how many video or phone sessions you will have together and exactly how long they will be? Will they have email contact with you in between sessions? Will you provide them with a proof or mock-ups before the project is complete? Will their be follow-ups after you've completed your time together? 

Before you can begin marketing what you do and booking new clients, you have to have a great package to present first! This is one of the main points I'll be teaching in the upcoming Purpose To Service e-course! We'll chat all about creating your irresistible offer, crafting your process and so much more! Click the picture below to be the first to know when the course launches, grab your FREE Perfect Service checklist and also receive an exclusive $60 off discount when the course goes live!

How To Manage Client Expectations & Create Better Experiences

When you decide to take the leap into working with clients one-on-one or even with a small group, it often comes with a lot of pressure. For one, you want the information, product or result you provide in return to be top notch since these services tend to cost more than the average ebook or workshop. You want to be perceived as professional so that your clients are comfortable with their decision to work with you. And over all, you want to make a great, long lasting impression because you know that's what will make your clients want to hire you again in the future and also recommend you to their friends and family.

But managing your client expectations and creating a great experience goes above and beyond showing up for a Skype call or answering their questions. In fact, it begins as soon as they decide to hand over their hard earned money to you.

So where do you start? Focus on these tips...


Before you can begin to manage your client expectations, you need to set a few in place before you even think about taking on a new client. The expectations you set should be an overview of exactly what your client should expect from you and exactly what you expect to receive from them. In my coaching business, I let my clients know that I expect them to be very open and honest with me about their current journey as it will help shape the content and information we cover during our time together. I also expect them to complete their assigned homework after each session. They know if it isn't completed then we can not move on to our next session.

On the flip side, my clients know that if they have any questions for me, I am here to answer and further explain. And they know if I promise to provide extra resources like worksheets or workbooks, that they will receive it during our time together. Setting clear expectations helps to eliminate any potential stress or confusion that may occur between you and your client. After recently revamping my coaching services, I now include my client expectations within each of my contracts.


This point is more of an expectation but I felt that it was important enough to highlight on its own. The number one tip I wish someone would have given me about running a service based business is to let my clients know ahead time that I do not work FOR THEM, but WITH THEM! Yes they are giving you their money in exchange for something BUT no matter if you are a graphic designer, business coach or fashion stylist, you and your clients have to be partners in order to get the most out of your time together. Just as I provide my audience with the information they need to get their business off of the ground, it wouldn't be possible if they didn't actually do the work. Let's say you are a graphic designer, there is no way you can help bring your clients visual brand to life if they don't provide you with inspiration and their opinions. It takes the both of you.

This also comes in handy as a service provider when it comes to setting boundaries for yourself. Some clients can be demanding and letting them know things like your days and hours of operation and when they can expect to hear from you will eliminate a lot of trouble.

Set clear expectations! You work WITH your clients not FOR them!


Your client process is exactly what your client will do from the time they land on your sales page to the time they have their first session or interaction with you. The last thing you want to do is have your clients jump through hoops just to give you their money, schedule their session or communicate with you. Try writing down every single step in your process from beginning to end. Then ask yourself which steps are unnecessary & which steps need to be simplified. If you're having trouble separating yourself, ask a friend to go through your process and give their honest feedback.


You offer a service because it will help your audience through a specific pain point they are experiencing. Because of this, questions and concerns are bound to arise. To really create a great experience and build trust between you and your client, you should leave the line of communication open. Make them feel comfortable in knowing that if they have any questions, concerns or if they are having any reservations about their experience with you that you are open to discussing it and that you want their honest feedback.


Setting great expectations for your audience and ensuring that they have an incredible experience means going the extra mile and doing what isn't expected. Creating little experiences that will really make your client say "WOW" will often help you to stand out from others in your industry (yes, word gets around fast!) For example, if you offer weekly email check-ins with your client, let a few of those be actual 30min Skype calls. Or if you see that your client needs a little more help in a certain area, compile a list of resources that they can use after your time together. If your design client is attending a big event, maybe throw in a business card design into their package. My favorite way to over deliver is to mail a physical package of goodies and resources straight to my clients door.

If you want to create an incredible client experience, you need to under promise and over deliver."


The same way you need to perfect your client process, you need to make sure the systems and tools you use to manage and communicate with clients is helping the experience and not hurting it. This can be investing in an all in one system like Satori or 17Hats that helps you to keep all of your clients in one place. Or investing in a great lighting set so that your video calls are bright and clear. If your microphone is always cutting out or the program you use is stopping you from properly giving your client what they need, it's just going to result in an angry, frustrated client. You want to try your best to avoid that.



When a client signs up to work with you, a major part of setting a great expectation is being well-prepared. That means first getting to know your client through an in depth questionnaire and then prepping what strategies you will create together, what goals need to be met and what resources you will provide to help them during your time together. Being prepared shows that you are serious about what you do and it just looks professional. The last thing you want to do is hop on your first session with your client just for there to be awkward silence for an entire hour or more.

In my upcoming course, Purpose To Service, I'll be showing you EXACTLY how to set goals, an action plan and curriculum for your clients.


You're not perfect, nor will you ever be perfect but there is always room for growth. The best way to make sure you are getting better at what you do and really create an incredible experience for future clients is to learn from your past mistakes straight from "the horses mouth". After your time with your client, I encourage you to ask them for feedback. Ask them about the finished product you delivered or the transformation that took place after working with you. I would even ask about their overall experience with you and if they would recommend you to friends.

While this can be uncomfortable to ask and even more uncomfortable to receive, it's highly important for your brands success! Not only will it help you fix any issues you may have with the client that provided you with feedback, but it also provides you with areas of improvement so that you wont make the same mistakes in the future. Clients also like to know that their experience matters.

One more point to add, there is no possible way that you will be able to make every single one of your clients 100% happy. And you should not do anything that makes you uncomfortable or makes you work outside of your boundaries to try to win them over. Do your best and let them know up front what they get when working from you. Yes, sometimes it is necessary to fire a client.

Overall, you want to cater to your clients in a way that not only leaves them with an incredible experience but that also allows you to set expectations and run your business on your own terms. I know for a fact that many service based business owners (myself included) continually book new clients because of the great rapport they build with past clients. You want to be known as the person in your industry who goes above and beyond for the people they work with and not the one who slacks off as soon as they receive payment!


May Office Hours: Creating & Launching Service Packages (FREE LIVE Q&A)

In April, I knew I wanted to dedicate more time to interacting with my audience, work on building community and provide resources that were either free or at an easier to attain price point. So I began thinking of ideas of how I could revamp the Facebook Group that I unintentionally had been neglecting and creating the Monthly Office Hours Series! 

Each month in the series, I focus the conversation around a specific topic and provide those attending with a few of my biggest tips. Unlike a typical webinar or online workshop, these live events are mainly focused around the questions I am asked! Yes, I provide my tips, but the entire purpose of these sessions is to answer any questions you may have related to the topic for an entire hour! No strings attached, no pitch at the end, just you getting a chance to pick my brain for FREE! Not only does it give you a chance to get to know me a little better but I also get a chance to get to know you and exactly what i can provide to help you through some of your biggest pain points!

For the month of May, I wanted to focus on a topic that is really near and dear to my heart, creating and launching services for your brand. Creating my coaching services was the first way i was able to successfully monetize this space and begin bringing in a consistent income and it has led me to SO many amazing opportunities like writing my first book, The Blogpreneur.  During this months office hours session I will share my 5 Biggest Tips for Creating/Launching services and of course answering as many questions as I can about the topic!

Oh and don't think you have to be a coach in order to launch a service! No matter if you are a wedding planner, graphic designer, fashionista or professional checf, you can offer an incredible service that can really help your audience! Even if you already have a service that you offer but you're not seeing the growth or clients you want, come ask me your questions this Thursday and lets get unstuck!

Again, this months Office Hours session is Thursday, May 12th at your choice of 3:30pm OR 7pm! I hope to see you there!

Now Available: The Pocket Content Planner

I've mentioned before, but I truly love creating products that I can physically hold, take with me and write in! After launching both the Ultimate Monthly Business Planner and my book The Blogpreneur, I knew I wanted to expand into more physical books, workbooks and resources for my audience!

I'm so excited to announce my latest project, The Pocket Content Planner! Nothing annoyed me more than getting an incredible idea while out and not having anywhere to jot down all of the details. By the time I got back home the "light bulb" moment had dimmed and the details weren't as fresh as they were when I immediately got the idea. The Pocket Content Planner will not only provide you with quick planning sheets for you to document your ideas but the first few sections also digs deep into content creation!

Here's what it'll go over...


Dig deep into WHO you are creating for and what makes up incredible content.


Familiarize yourself with the different types of content that you can infuse into your brand.


An exercise to help you think of new ideas based on what you know and what your audience needs.


Use the planning sheets to begin jotting down your incredible ideas while you’re on the go!

This also isn't your typical "planner". You wont find any monthly or weekly calendar spreads in this planner but it was created for you take with you everywhere! Even the size is small enough for you to throw into your favorite bag. Whenever you get a great idea, whip it out of your bag and begin documenting! And don't think you have to only create blog posts, the learning pages and planning sheets are perfect for helping you plan out blog posts, workshops and also free and paid content!

The Pocket Content Planner is now available for purchase via Amazon! You can also take a quick peek inside the planner below!

4 Myths About Running A Service Based Business (That You Should Be Ignoring)

When I first decided to monetize T.A.N years ago, I honestly thought my only option to make money was through slapping a bunch of ads onto my blogs sidebar. After months of trying to bring in a decent income (which was probably around $100/month), I knew there had to be another way that was more consistent and greater in amount.

During this time I was also spending A LOT of time in my inbox answering reader questions about starting or growing their business. While I felt honored to be able to give them advice, I knew that in order for it to truly be worth the time, I needed to figure out how I could monetize from it. So I took the same concept of buying ad space in exchange for a featured post and decided to offer an hour worth of "business coaching" for $35 (yes I was insane for offering my services for that low amount).

The only problem was a lot of the information I found online about being a business coach was mostly geared towards corporate businesses. So it left a lot of room for assumption and a ton of room for error. Fast forward nearly three years later, whenever I suggest a service to one of my clients as a way to monetize their brand, they immediately have a ton of reservations just based off of things they've heard and read about running a service based business.

If you've been thinking about creating a service or don't think it's possible because of your specific "niche", today I want to tackle a few of those myths and also help you get started!


Yes being a business coach is the route that best fit my brand but if you have no desire to label yourself as a coach, then don't! You can still offer an incredible service to your audience without being in the business coaching industry. Instead of getting wrapped up in a title, focus on your audiences biggest pain points and the skills you have to help them through it! Then you want to focus on whether you want to create a service that does the work for them; like creating logos or someone who offers accounting services. Or if you want to teach them how to do what you do what you do, like someone who can show you how to develop your personal style.


While running a service based business can take up more time than creating and launching a passive income product, it doesn't mean that you have to be a slave to your work. See my friend, that's the joy of being an entrepreneur of any kind, you have the power to set your schedule however you please.

If you find that you can only handle 3 clients per month, then take only those clients and charge them a premium price. If you only want to take client calls on Tuesdays and Wednesdays then only open up those days in your schedule. You can have as much freedom that you allow yourself to have. I highly suggest setting your schedule and creating those client expectations before booking new clients! That way you are not pressured to work during a time that you really don't want to.


This was a myth that I fell into early in my career. Just because you offer a service doesn't mean you're stuck with that one stream of income forever. I'm a firm believer in having multiple streams of income and highly recommend service based businesses to branch out. Along with my coaching services, I currently have a book, a planner and several workbooks and a pre-recorded workshop available for purchase. In the event that you are unable to book another client or decide to take a break like I recently did, having other income coming in will reduce the stress of worrying about how you will pay the bills.

Turning your services into other products is one of the topics I'll be covering in the upcoming Purpose to Service course!


This myth also lines up with the myth that you have to consider yourself a "coach". If your target audience isn't another business owner or blogger, don't feel pressured to cater your offerings around that demographic. Let's say you have a love for cooking and want to create a service showing others how to create basic meals. You don't have to gear that towards entrepreneurs in order to be successful. You can easily find a community of newlyweds or busy singles who want to learn the cooking basics.

If you're just getting started, before you create any type of service you need to get extremely clear on exactly WHO you want to work with and the best way to help them. On a completely separate note, knowing your audience and their biggest pain points is really the best way to create and market your services.

Being able to work one on one with a client or even within a small group of clients to help them through their struggles is an extremely rewarding experience. Not to mention that services often call for a higher price which can really help you exceed your income goals! At the end of the day, no matter what industry you're in, you have the option to make your own rules, set your own hours and work with who you please.

Need help creating your service packages and attracting your dream clients? Click the picture below to be the first to know when the doors to my new e-course, Purpose To Service open up! You'll also receive a free checklist to help you get started and a special early bird VIP price when the course launches!