Alisha Nicole

author, business coach & founder


believer in building a business that is both purposeful and profitable


Alisha Robertson is a creative business coach, author and founder of Living Over Existing. Through her work she helps creative women  ditch fear, gain clarity and begin making money doing what they love.

Alisha got me thinking outside of the box and really motivated me to take my business to the next level. She gave me the confidence to start stepping outside of my comfort zone and taking my freelance business more seriously. Without Alisha, I would still be stuck in the beginning stages and I can never thank her enough for helping me get started!
— Caity of

what can i help you with?

gaining clarity

Learn exactly what to do with all of those big ideas through the Clarity Power Program.

create content

Learn how to create incredible content that your audience will love, share & invest in.

product creation

Learn how to create your first book, planner or journal from scratch.


you already possess everything you need to live your life on purpose. so what's holding you back?

Alisha takes the overwhelming concepts of branding and breaks them down into easy to digest methods with strategic plans to implement in your business. She has a heart to see you thrive in your business and goes above and beyond to help you. Blessed to have invested in coaching with Alisha as she has given me much clarity and guidance to move forward in my business.



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